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Service Dog 411 is an information portal for all things related to service dogs.  

We provide education and advocacy about the role of service dogs in helping improve the lives of their human partner.  Our advocacy is particularly targeted to helping understand that service dogs are not just for the blind or in wheelchairs, but are more and more often being used by people with invisible disabilities.

We understand how hard it is to look healthy, yet cope with the day-to-day struggles and the life-altering effects of your disease that the rest of the world chooses not to see.  The Americans With Disabilities Act has recently modified its language to

support the use of service dogs for people with invisible disabilities, yet most people are unaware of how empowering having a service dog in their life can be.

Our education programs are focused on helping law enforcement and business owners understand the rights and responsibilities under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the appropriate way to interact with someone who has a service dog.  In addition, we offer services that will help you and your canine partner navigate daily life, summer camps, international travel (or taking a cruise) with your service dog, and more.


Take a look around, see what services we offer, and if you have questions,

please contact us.  We look forward to accompanying you on this

journey toward peace of mind and independence.


Service Dog Training for Law Enforcement
Service Dog 411 has recently developed a training module that is being offered to law enforcement officers and police training facilities.  The program has been developed with input from the City of Richmond police training team.  All City of Richmond officers completed the program as part of their re-certification training.  If you feel that the police department in your area could benefit from this type of training, please send a message to  sue@servicedog411.com.